Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Thought of the day:

I’m a better observer than listener, especially over phone. I have problem concentrating if I am not looking at the 'speaker'. I guess I am the kind of person who ‘feels’ conversation. But, I got better now, I think ^^

Ok, let’s move on to the main story. A simple travel guide if you are visiting Bangkok for the first time.

When you are packing for Bangkok, remember one thing- you don’t need anything more than one day supply, clothes especially. Follow this age old trick - lay down all the things you think you need, and then pack only half. And yes, you really need to bring that extra luggage everyone been telling you about.

Stay in Bangkok is wasted if it’s not in a boutique hotel. There are a number of good ones, but this is highly recommended – The Key Bangkok. Located ‘almost’ next to BTS Asok station (two or three blocks away from Westin Bangkok) and offer really good prices, the room fulfills my personal 3C – clean, comfort and chic. Reservation can be done through that offers better rate.

Small lobby but impressive room

Sukhumvit Soi 19, 7 Eleven is nearby for all your toiletries & snacking needs

Going Around

Yes sir, I won't run for the train.

BTS connects all the major malls and can get you to Chatuchak (Mo Chit station)

Stuff to do in Bangkok
You don’t need me to 'guide' you about shopping in Bangkok, or visiting Grand Palace, Sky Bar, etc. But try these when you are in Bangkok:

1. Afternoon tea at The Oriental Bangkok (Get a cab, or boat ride if you happened to be at Grand Palace)

990 Baht per person, great place to impress chicks. For my case, mom and dad too =P

2. Catch a movie in SF World Cineplex

We watched Wolfman, without subtitles @.@

3. Check out The Bed Club if you fancy nice interior and dancing angmohs

4. Get a haircut

Before. Styling by Grand Palace Wardrobe Department

After. Total ownage.

Useful pointer for shoppers
Most of the international retailers/ brands offer VAT refund for tourists. Now, a tourist can only claim it back after spending no less than 5,000 Baht in total and no less than 2,000 Baht in any one day, paid under one name.

So the trick is, shop for goods that gives VAT refund in a single day (Just dedicate one day for mall crawling, and you will achieve this easily). Pay using one credit card (I think) and fill up the VAT forms under one name.

Leaving Bangkok, it would be wise to pack all the VAT refund goods in the same luggage for inspection. At the airport, go to the VAT office to get the VAT form validated first. Then only you check in at the airline’s counter. Pass the immigration gate and look for the refund counter.

Buildings spotting

The Elephant building & Grand Palace Weapon Museum

Brushock! & Erawan Shrine

I hope you find this useful. Have fun^^



临去之前, 我本想跳过大皇宫,睡佛,水上市集这些景点。因为很俗啊。



几个世纪前,工匠们的 OT应该蛮够力的。无法想象他们的 Time Entry...



其中有位说- “天气太热,我的蛋蛋溶了”.

这位仁兄,你好可怜哦,希望我借到的Hip Hop裤不是你穿的那件。


  1. 那,你的蛋蛋溶了没? 哈哈!

    Afternoon tea at The Oriental Bangkok
    990 Baht per person, great place to impress chicks.

    Chicks or chic?

  2. wah~U din go Platinum Mall shopping a?
    Likes ur photo a lot. but makes me remind my lost camera.

  3. Good entry. Nice guide. Wish you wrote this before I went the last time. haha. We only had one day actually and both of us were too lazy to do any research since Laos and Siem Reap were our focus.

    Anyway, awesome pictures!!!