Sunday, 25 October 2009

No More Bumming Sunday.

Yes. No more because work is piling up, I spent my entire Sunday working from home.

Despite that, I randomly rang up Siang Wei in Taipei and asked him if he would like to go pee. Our conversation over the phone was broken down to four parts because the phone line was so bad. Yet, it is good to know that we still greet each other the same twisted way.

But it wasn't just work no play. The night before Jess and I went to Akon's Beach Concert thanks to Joyce! Had some fun in the rock zone, even though my legs went numb after.

Nearing the end of the concert, a tree fell down and injured a few concert goers, one got her hand scratched, while the other was escorted out with her face covered in her own hands. O.O

On Friday night, we went to watch 500 Days of Summer. I liked it. My favourite part goes like this ( or at least how I remember it):

Boy: "You didn't want to get married. I don't understand, what happened?"
Girl: "I just know it"
Boy: "What is IT?"
Girl: "Things that I'm unsured of when I was with you".

Ouch. Anyway, the male lead reminded me of Tze.

Oh, good news.
* I'm promoted =)