Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My Five Days MINI Birthday Celebration

Last Friday, 20 March was my birthday. Celebration-wise, nothing special really, spent the night with Alarm, Timo and Pris eating steamboat in Klang and Thye joined us for mamak later.

But March is a magical month. For work purpose, I was given a red with white top MINI Cooper for the weekend. The task was to lomograph the MINI in Putrajaya on Saturday, in conjunction with Malaysia first Hot Air Balloon Competition.

So obviously on Friday night, we went steamboat with the MINI. Ha ha.

For the task and to reward myself, on Saturday before the shoot in Putrajaya, I bought the Fisheye 2 Chrome edition in Mooks, the Gardens :D

The shoot in Putrajaya will be covered in another post. There was too much to tell.

At night, I went to the Negative Effect Promo Video Screening at NZX.

Watch it in HQ! Or visit the Facebook page, somehow it loads faster there.

The instant cam shown during the first minute was exactly the Lo-Fi one I used in Taipei, you can even spot me ‘begging’ for it in the video. LOL. I have a total of 2 seconds screen time without dialogue.

On Sunday, met up with a few lomographers in IKEA again and did a few more shoots in Shah Alam with the MINI. At night, Nico, Fuzz, Zoe and I hung out at Changkat Bukit Bintang to celebrate Zoe and my birthday.

The waitress gave us massage voucher worth RM200! Yippee~

My birthday wish? Learn how to enjoy my work, and plan it to be enjoyable. LOL.

On Monday, I returned the car to Cyberjaya and while on my way back to office, my Proton Saga's tyre was ripped off, literally. I have no idea how it happened, and how I survived it without crashing or skidding my car. As I stepped down from the car, a MEX's patrol truck pulled over and changed the tyre for me. Some luck I had.

The story didn’t end on Monday after I returned the car. More precious MINI experience ahead and that will be blogged separately too~


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  2. dude, it is a sign!
    beli ar... (hahahaha)
    the red suit you really!!

    u develop your rolls d?
    mine so so... pass to you then...
    out of some many only one that catch my eyes...


  3. hey yo! happy belated birthday!
    so u brought the chrome?!
    how was it! i was planning to get it either!

  4. It was very 'flashy'. I'm in love~ LOL