Monday, 23 June 2008

deep deep south

My whole family will be moving very soon, to Southern Park Klang.
I'm not very enthusiastic of the new place,
so I think I'm going to pay myself out of the cleaning/ painting mess.

I hope by the time i see it, it's pretty enough.

I'm gathering pictures taken during my recent trip up to genting.
Quite an enjoyable maiden visit to the casino.

Here's some i took using a RAZR2 V9.

Even without flash, without 5MB camera, and NO 3X zoom and auto focus,
applying some common sense/ rules still deliver ok photos.
You want any better? Just get a proper digicam.


  1. you moving soon??
    when? When i home to klang must sure pay u a visit then...

    and make sure after u moved to new place distance is not a "reason" for you not to join us play basketball and yamcha~!

  2. Hey.. so fun playing in Genting... Chew!!